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Lugarde V5 Summerhouse

Lugarde V5 Summerhouse

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This item can be ordered online or from GCS Leisure Buildings, NE23 8BJ. This can be delivered directly to your home address in around 8 - 10 weeks.
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Lugarde V5 Summerhouse

Summer house V5 offers the best of two worlds. On the one hand, you have enough space to store your valuables, and on the other hand, this summer house has an awning under which you can create a cosy seating area. Thanks to our panel system, you can quickly and easily assemble this summer house yourself.

Standard Features

Assembly material
Pressure treated foundation beams (pressure treated foundation beams require no further treatment. The foundation beams are fixed together with aluminium corner clips)
Window and door fittings (Our window handles, extenders and door handles are of very high quality.You will receive a set of keys with the handles to close your summerhouse)
Double glazing HR++

4 mm glass + 16 mm argon gas filled + 4 mm glass.
Windows and doors have a high insulation value of 1.1.
*Only exception are the special vertical style doors/windows and glass panels of the Panel-System and the sliding doors SD200 and SD300. They are fitted with double glazing 4+6+4

Options available

Internal floor

Terrace Floor
Spray-treatment doors and windows
Painted windows and doors
Pre treatment of entire building
Pre treatment and painted exterior parts
Pressure treatment

We offer national delivery on this item. Installation is available within the North East for an additional cost.