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1.8m Fibreglass Hot Tub with external heater

1.8m Fibreglass Hot Tub with external heater

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1.8 m Fibreglass Hot Tub with external heater

This Fibreglass Hot Tub with a SPA option is the perfect way to include some luxury comfort in your backyard! Our Fibreglass models offer maximum relaxation in everyday life. Our SPA design lets you control the airflow how intensive you want the bubbly Tub to be.

SPA equipment in the hot tub
Option. Not included in Standard Set.

Air bubble system
It is a small air blower that will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body. You can also control the airflow to regulate how intensive you want the bubbly Tub to be. This massage system is installed in the benches, seats of a Hot Tub.
The air massage system consists of 12 air-blowing nozzles; Air pump 300-700 W; a Control button; Connecting hoses.

Hydromassage system
Hydro-massage (intense water-massage) works by pumping water out of the Hot Tub and pushing it under high pressure back into the tub through the jets (it can pump up to 1.5 m3 of water per minute). Hydromassage - 6 jets in walls. The water pumps 1500 W is distributed in walls and these jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage for your body. Our innovative jets are designed to target specific muscle groups. Enhancing your enjoyment to a higher and more massage level.

The Air bubble and Hydromassage system. 14 jets: 6 air jets and 8 hydro massage jets in walls.

LED lights
A fun way to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background is to add the underwater LED lights to your Hot Tub! Use them to help your guests guide their way in the Hot Tub, or just for a colorful addition. Our LED lights are specifically made for our hot tubs to allow you to get the maximum effect of illumination.

Standard Features

1.8m Fibreglass Hot tub with wooden finishing from the outside

External stainless steel (304) heater with chimney

Fibreglass inside benches

Safety fence from spruce

Outlet valve for water

3 Steps made from spruce

Options available

Grey or cream colour fibreglass colour

A choice of exterior colours

2 steps from spruce

2 steps stairs with niche for sand filter from spruce or thermo wood

3 steps stairs with a niche for sand filter from spruce or thermo wood

External round heater, 316 stainless steel

External 8 - corners heater, 304 stainless steel

External 8 - corners heater, 316 stainless steel

Electric heater Pahlen 3kW: connection CEE16/230V + sand filter

Electric heater Pahlen 6kW: connection CEE16/400V + sand filter

Sand filter 4 m3/h (without heater)

Without heater

Integrated LED system

Air bubble system - 12 air-blowing nozzles; Air pump; a Control button; Connecting hoses.

Assembled or not assembled

Insulated cover in brown or grey

Bottle holder

Paddle made from spruce

Wooden safety fence for heater chimney

Scoop and poker

Floating solar thermometer

Price quoted includes delivery and installation within the North east. Please make an enquiry if you would like a price for delivery and installation out of this area.

Safety information

At first, water will leak, within 3-5 days the tub will swell and become completely tight.

Fire and hot water may lead to serious injuries! Never leave your children and those with disabilities unattended!

Cleaning and maintenance shall not be made by children without any supervision.

Our Hot tub can't be used by children aged 8 years and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.

Keep this product more than 2 m away from the pool, to prevent children from climbing on it and accessing the pool.

Never heat the Hot Tub when it is empty! The Hot Tub could get on fire and unrepairable damages may occur!

Standard our heaters are made from 304-grade stainless steel. If chlorine, bromide, saltwater, or other chemicals will be used heater steel grade must be upgraded to 316-grade stainless steel.

It is very important to empty the heater from the water as well in case there are minus degrees outside.

All information is based on experiences made and is the best of our beliefs. The local circumstances and other conditions must be taken into consideration from each individual Hot Tub user.