1.9m Polypropylene Hot Tub

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Product Dimensions

6 - 8 People





About this product

1.9m Polypropylene Hot Tub

Standard Features

Wooden Hot tub with inside polypropylene frame

Stainless steel tightening bands 

Stainless steel heater with. chimney (inside or outside the hot tub)

Wooden inside benches

Safety fence for the hot tub heaters inside

Outlet valve

3 Stairs made from Spruce wood

Options available

A choice of propylene colours

  • Pure White - RAL 9010 
  • Pebble Grey - RAL 7032
  • Iron Grey - RAL 7011
  • Light Blue - RAL 5012 
  • Jet Black - RAL 9005

A choice of exterior wood colours

Polypropylene benches

38mm Thickness

58mm Thickness

External round heater, 316 stainless steel 

External 8 - corners heater, 304 stainless steel

External 8 - corners heater, 316 stainless steel 

Without heater 

2 steps from spruce

2 steps stairs with niche for sand filter from spruce or thermo wood 

3 steps stairs with a niche for sand filter from spruce or thermo wood 

Assembled or not assembled

Tent cover

Wooden cover

Bottle holder

Paddle made from spruce

Metal safety fence for heater chimney

Wooden safety fence for heater chimney

LED Light

Scoop and poker

Floating solar thermometer

Price quoted includes delivery and installation with the North east. Please make an enquiry if you would like a price for delivery and installation out of the area. 

To discuss your requirements call us any day during our normal opening hours 10:00-16:00 or enquire below

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Safety information

At first, water will leak, within 3-5 days the tub will swell and become completely tight.

Fire and hot water may lead to serious injuries! Never leave your children and those with disabilities unattended!

Cleaning and maintenance shall not be made by children without any supervision.

Our Hot tub can't be used by children aged 8 years and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities.

Keep this product more than 2 m away from the pool, to prevent children from climbing on it and accessing the pool.

Never heat the Hot Tub when it is empty! The Hot Tub could get on fire and unrepairable damages may occur!

Standard our heaters are made from 304-grade stainless steel. If chlorine, bromide, saltwater, or other chemicals will be used heater steel grade must be upgraded to 316-grade stainless steel.

It is very important to empty the heater from the water as well in case there are minus degrees outside.

All information is based on experiences made and is the best of our beliefs. The local circumstances and other conditions must be taken into consideration from each individual Hot Tub user.

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