Camping pod 2.4m x 4m

Price From: £8000

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Product Dimensions

Suitable for:
2 - 4 Persons



Floor thickness:

Wall thickness:

Roof thickness:

External dimensions:
2400mm x 4000mm

Door size:
1020mm x 1900mm

672mm x 704mm

About this product

Camping pod 2.4m x 4m

Camping Pods are growing in popularity in the world of holiday and short-stay rental accommodation. They can be made bespoke to your needs, with plenty of configuration options.

Our Pods can end up becoming a highly valuable new revenue stream to your site.

Perfect size and design, functional and of high-quality Camping Pod is ideal for a camping place. It has a 3.2 m length room where you can sleep and/or rest and have a small lunch.

Camping Pod is made from spruce or thermo wood. The thickness of the pod walls is 38 mm; thickness of the solid wood flooring is 28 mm. Camping Pod is 2.4 m wide and 2.6 m high. A roof is covered with bitumen shingles of a selected colour: black, red or green.

Standard Features

Pod made from a choice of spruce or thermowood (38mm)

With or without terrace

Roof covered with bitumen shingles of selected colour (black, green or red)

Opening double window in the back wall

Double doors with a lock and the double glass windows

One room inside

Please note the standard set does not come with furniture

Options Available

Full glass pod wall using 10mm tempered glass

With terrace (0.6m) room size 2.2m

Without terrace room size 2.7m

Single bed (800mm x 2000mm)
Double bed-sofa
Drawer under the bed
Table for camping pod
Pouf for camping pod
Stainless steel door sill
Price quoted includes delivery and installation with the North east. Please make an enquiry if you would like a price for delivery and installation out of the area. 

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