The Dales School

The Dales School came to visit GCS Leisure Buildings with the vision of creating a village of purposeful garden buildings to support children from both the Blythdale and Ashdale sites. Here's a summary of their goals and aspirations:

Overall Vision: The primary objective of this project was to provide additional spaces that cater for the unique needs of the children. These garden buildings are intended to offer diverse environments that encourage various activities such as art, music, reading, and reflection. The project goes beyond just benefiting the students; it also aims to bring the entire school community together. 

The school have created some wonderful outdoor spaces and facilities for their students and the school community to enjoy. Here's a brief summary of each of the areas:

  1. BBQ Hut: The BBQ Cabin in the Forest garden provides children with a unique opportunity to engage in Forest School activities. They can learn valuable skills like cooking, safety, and teamwork while using the open fire in the BBQ hut. Additionally, it serves as a gathering place for the school community, with events like the summer fair where parents and carers can enjoy toasting marshmallows over the fire while socialising.

  2. Felix's Den: Felix's den, made from a Kensington summerhouse, offers a quiet and relaxing environment for children to read and chat away from the main building. The den is equipped with musical instruments for creative expression and various sensory equipment for sensory play and exploration.

  3. Forest School Display hut: The Combination Sunningdale building serves a dual purpose for storing Forest School equipment and showcasing the creations made by children during their Forest School sessions. This allows the school to celebrate and display the wonderful things the students have accomplished in these outdoor learning experiences. By showcasing the children's efforts and achievements within these garden buildings, the school has created a sense of pride and belonging for both the students and their families.

  4. Reflection Room: A Sunningdale summerhouse has been transformed into a reflection room dedicated to remembering a special staff member. This space likely provides a quiet and contemplative environment for staff members and students to reflect on their memories and pay tribute to their colleague.

  5. Art Hut: The Art Hut, built using a Pavilion summerhouse, serves as a dedicated space for art-related activities. It is equipped with easels and watercolours, allowing students to engage in artistic endeavours while surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. This connection to nature can be a significant source of inspiration for young artists, fostering their creativity and helping them connect with their surroundings.

In conclusion, The Dales School's project has successfully created an array of purposeful garden buildings that cater to the diverse needs of their students, while also strengthening the bonds within their school community. These outdoor spaces not only promote learning and creativity but also provide a platform for celebrating the achievements of all those involved, creating a sense of unity and pride. We hope that the students and school community continue to thrive whilst using their new garden buildings. 

Fire pit Felix's den
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