Homer Hill Farm Shop

Ashleigh from GCS received a very warm welcome from owners of family-run business Homer hill farm - John and Jean Haswell.  The family farm is full of history starting as a butchers in 1924 and then buying the farm in 1981. Now they own their successful farm shop selling locally sourced produce (which is run by their daughter, Joanne) and made on the premises cakes, pies and breads that are sold in the cafe (run by their other daughter, Gillian), a traditional butchers, a children's play area and their new dog friendly room!

Whilst there the Haswell family were the epitome of family life in a business and even their granddaughter could be seen potting plants. 

Moving towards an up-coming demand in the market to provide consumers with locally sourced produce, Jean explained that they used to buy in their own plants to sell in the shop, however more recently they decided to grow their own. 

To meet the increased demand,  Jean and John Haswell  decided to purchase an 32ft x 12ft Elite Titan greenhouse from GCS Leisure Buildings and are thrilled with the produce they have been able to grow and sell in their shop, from fresh tomatoes to plants and hanging baskets. A major advantage for companies who grow their own produce is that they can assure quality and they can limit the food they buy in.

As a result of their growing success Mr and Mrs Haswell are now looking to GCS for a 12ft extension to enable them to grow even more.

By supporting your local farm shop, you’re also supporting your local ecology and economy. The plants and tomatoes grown and nurtured in their greenhouse can be selected at the perfect stage and don't have to travel through the commercial supply chain, therefore will reach you fresh, and eliminate plastic packaging.

Homer Hill Farm shop is an excellent example of the farm to fork initiative and from one family business to another GCS would like to wish Homer Hill Farm shop continued success. 

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