What are the benefits of a sedum roof?

A sedum roof on your garden building is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also provides many practical benefits too! A sedum roof is usually made up of a fleshy-leaved vegetation that spreads like a mat making it the ideal foliage for the roof of your garden building. 

GCS leisure buildings caught up with our customer Mr Fegan to hear how he is enjoying his sedum roof and his reasons for choice. 

 "I wanted it to look natural and provide a space for nature. We have an allotment as well so our garden is easy to maintain as we only have so much time. It changes colour with the seasons. When I look out of the window there are birds hopping around and pecking. It attracts bees. We need as much natural environment as possible in our world. On a practical level it provides extra insulation. It was easy to install as the cabin was built with a green roof in mind. It is very easy to maintain. It withstands low and high temperatures. Once a year we need to do a little weeding and sprinkle some compost. It is a new cabin so will grow and stand out more." 
Mr Fegan has discovered so many positives from having a sedum roof; therefore with added benefits of attracting insects and pollinators, improving air quality and retaining rainfall a sedum roof really does seem like an excellent choice for our environment. In addition, it can also reduce energy costs as a sedum roof has the ability to reduce heat loss and improve the overall thermal efficiency of your garden building which is something well worth considering when making your purchase. 
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