How do you create the perfect interior for your summerhouse?

At GCS we know that the interior of your garden building plays an important role, we are often asked how to create a garden building interior that compliments a customer's style and personality. Amy Clarke (Interior Designer) from Inside Design talks to us about the interior design of garden buildings in this exclusive Q and A.   


When designing the interior for a garden room - what is the most important thing to consider?

I think it’s best to ask yourself how you would like to feel when you enter the space, and what is it’s purpose? Is it a calm space to chill out or is it a fun entertaining space? I think considering these questions enable you to get a clear focus for the space giving you a design direction to follow.

For example the first calls for subtle tones and comfy lounge furniture to relax in,  or the latter may call for plenty of seating, brighter colours and even a bar area for prepping drinks? Once you know the vibe of the interior, you can build the scheme from there.


What furniture should you add to your garden building?

I like to incorporate comfy chairs to create a relaxing retreat which you don’t want to leave, and side tables are always useful to have. I always incorporate table or floor lamps, layered lighting is such a key part of the ambience of a room, and this is so important so that the space can be enjoyed throughout the day and into the night.

Summerhouse bar

How would you suggest you can bring the outdoors in?

Plants, plants, plants! Incorporating greenery into the room instantly brings a connection to the outdoors, they don’t have to be real either, there are lots of great faux plants on the market which have that “real” feel. Natural materials are also great at bringing in the outdoors, think cane, rattan and wood which add texture and warmth to the scheme. 


What is your favourite part of your job?

Helping people unleash their style through their interiors, there’s nothing better than creating an interior that is completely bespoke to the clients’ unique style. I love how we can change the way people live in their homes with tweaks to the floor-plan or by adding clever storage with bespoke furniture etc. I love that every day is different, there are new challenges to overcome and problems to solve – which is always exciting!


We are sure that Amy has given you a serious inspiration boost when sharing her expertise on the interior of garden buildings. Whatever your project, whether you are looking to create a relaxing haven or a lively garden bar it can be a great way to express your personality. 


The interior of the summerhouse above has been designed and styled by Amy Clarke from Inside Design - Station Rd, Prudhoe NE42 6NP 01661 277277

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