Nicola's aethetics garden room

We were thrilled to assist Nicola in supporting her vision of a contemporary aesthetics garden room, a move that not only enhanced her business, Bel Air Aesthetics but also brought about substantial cost savings. The motivation for this undertaking arose from Nicola's aspiration to establish a flexible workspace that would allow her to abolish the recurring cost of leasing a room in Gosforth, which amounted to £650 per month. Moreover, the absence of reliable phone signal and Wi-Fi access had become a hindrance, affecting her ability to communicate with clients during the day and access her app for client consent forms. These challenges were detrimentally affecting the daily operations of her business. Nicola was determined to resolve these issues by working from home while also maintaining a clear separation between her work and home. A purposely built garden room was the perfect solution!

Moving to a home garden salon addressed all of the above in addition to allowing me to be more flexible in my working hours to meet clients needs. 

The primary goal of this project was to conceive and build an aesthetics garden room that seamlessly harmonised with the existing landscape while effortlessly complementing her modern, newly constructed home. Nicola also recognised the added advantages of minimal overhead costs and the convenience of ample parking space, making this project an unequivocal choice. Our lead designer performed an on-site inspection to assess the foundation in Nicola's garden. Nicola was delighted to learn that her foundation was already level, eliminating the need for any additional groundwork.

Design and Construction: Nicola's aesthetic preferences strongly influenced the design of the garden room, favouring a sleek and contemporary appearance. Key design elements included:

1. Internal Floor: Nicola then chose to install linoleum flooring to prioritise hygiene within the garden room.

2. Rectangular Wall Structure: Opting for a 2.4m x 3m structure, Nicola successfully integrated the garden room into her property, receiving accolades for its natural assimilation into the surroundings.

3. Roof and Floor Insulation: To ensure year-round comfort for her clients, Nicola added extra insulation to maintain a pleasant atmosphere during the colder months.

4. Frosted Glass Top-Hung Window: Incorporating frosted glass windows ensured privacy for her clients without encroaching on her neighbour's garden.

5. Double Doors: Central double doors brought versatility to the garden room, allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions during the summer months while facilitating improved air circulation.

6. Electricity: Double wired sockets were installed to accommodate Nicola's daily equipment requirements seamlessly.



Outcome: The completion of the aesthetics garden room brought about transformative changes to Nicola's business, resulting in several key outcomes:

1. Enhanced Aesthetics: The garden room seamlessly integrated with the natural surroundings, utilising a grey painted wood finish to harmonise with the anthracite windows of her modern home, adding to the overall charm of the property.

2. Increased Property Value: The garden room's addition significantly augmented the property's market value, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

3. Cost Savings for the Business: The investment in the new garden room matched the cost of a year's worth of rent, drastically reducing Nicola's monthly overhead expenses.

4. Year-round Utilisation: With proper insulation and heating, the garden room became a year-round sanctuary, extending its usability and benefits.

5. Sustainable Elements: The incorporation of the sustainable materials resonated with environmentally conscious buyers.

Conclusion: The aesthetics garden room project not only met but exceeded its objectives by enhancing Nicola's professional life and elevating the property's overall value. This project serves as an exemplar of the transformative power of well-designed outdoor spaces, inspiring homeowners seeking to create their haven of beauty and functionality.

Nicola plans to reinvest the money saved from renting to further improve her business, including the addition of a sink and blinds. We extend our best wishes to Bel Air Aesthetics for continued success. Nicola currently offers an enticing 20% discount to new clients as part of her commitment to providing excellent aesthetic services.

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