Shed maintenance checklist

TGB Standard Apex Shed (1)

Once you have purchased a garden shed regular maintenance is important to maximise the longevity of your garden building.

After speaking to the experts (our GCS leisure buildings timber building installation team) we have devised these top tips.

1. Roof

During the winter months (when you may use your shed less often), it is a good time to check for water ingress as this is when water damage issues can occur. Make sure there is no loose roofing felt or natural materials that have fallen onto your shed roof from high winds or any other extreme weather conditions. 

2. Treatment

Utilise the spring/ summer months to get an annual treatment on your building. Treatment is essential to repel water and a good quality treatment will also protect against harmful UV rays. 

3. Oiling

We recommend oiling locks and hinges before the bad weather arrives. 

4. Windows

If your shed has windows, check the seals and trims for any water marks. We would recommend checking these after short spells of rain. 

Shed guttering

5. Guttering

Adding guttering to your shed is beneficial to keep water from running down the timber and ultimately increases the longevity of your building. As an added bonus you are saving water and rainwater is the best type of water for your garden as it often has a lower pH. 

6. Soft furnishings

If you are storing fabric, such as cushions from outdoor furniture, we recommend placing a small dehumidifier pot in your shed so that it absorbs any damp in the atmosphere and does not damage your soft furnishings. 

Maintaining your garden shed can be easy. If you decide to follow this advice every year during the milder weather conditions your garden shed will be in a great condition for the winter months and you will ultimately increase the longevity of your timber building.


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